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Not i

It wasnt me who did it i had nothing to do with it ? Thats what i was thinking when they were pulling away


You did what you do to harm my soul,i know this is true my life is rocky i am angry at time loving a man who dont love me the same has made me a mad person i can sèe

My hero

my hero is left in a box ashes is all that we have to remember him no more hearing him laugh no more hearing him say two two he left us i wonder what its like on his side is life hard or is it as peaceful as they say my heart is sad right now because i miss him so i love you dad

My down falls

You are the cause of my down falls your the one who wants me to hate you i aint trying to hate anyone these days i just want to be happy is that really to much to ask for i know my life is going to change no one can tell me any diffrent love is what i want and i have plenty to give

Your words

Some words are good some are not, love to me is a word with special meaning the word fool is a bad word with low energies promise is a good word however it can be bad for a young kid and there family always break promises I am one of those moms ive done the broken promises i really hurt my kids doing that its crazy to read my words i just wish i could take all the broken promises and fix them however i could still show them im willing to do what i can to have a better relationship with both of them

To much

To many people with to many diffrent thoughts saying words without thinking did u forget those words cut deeper then a sword try running and never stopping try sleeping and never waking up aint that scary you need life breathed in to you

The bad ones have caused us so much pian we are strong however some of us they dont even treat right so im telling how its made things for my family see CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICE HAS NEVER LEFT MY FAMILY ALONE I REALLY WISH THEY WOULD JUST NEVER BOTHER US AGIAN

The bad ones

Men of higher authority why did you do this to us you made are lifes so hard you didnt even care did you even think twice about the lives that your hurting pain that your causing,all those millions of gallons that you used you fools u did it to hurt your people you didnt have to cause all this but you did you would thnk twice if we all turned on you

Being Me

Being me isnt easy i feel its really hard Im sometimes very smart other times im lost in the dark,,i think im diffrent thats for sure i have been through this a time or two so dont think im not knowing because i know im just rolling with the punches i have little to say about the bad guys there the ones that are bad who want to hurt us and make us forever sad

Tiny cricket

The people of this world some good some bad really were all good and were all bad i will always be good however some times my bad sneaks out i find my self doing bad things thoughts are contamenated probaby because my habits i want to do good but they wont let me they consume my time and make me crazy i have so many habits i have lost control how wierd is that i know im doing bad but still i dont do good im a crazy girl